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12 Week Compound Strength Cycle

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12 Week Compound Strength Cycle

4 Session per Week

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This is a total focus on the Main 3 compound lifts - Squat - Deadlift - Bench / Push
It is 12 weeks of Progressive Strength, purely designed to improve your maximum strength in the these lifts.  The program takes you on a progressive and loaded journey, with increasing % weight and a reduction in reps.
I have included specific and unique accessory exercises for the movements to maximise your stability and control over the 12 weeks.  Movements I know that work and more importantly movements that are fun and rewarding.
It includes 2 Waves over the 12 Weeks in all the lifts, allowing your body to adapt and then peak at the end of each 4 week block - then at the end of the 12 Weeks you will Retest you Max in each of the lifts.
This program will get you STRONG and develop your lifts.  It is perfect for beginners to more advanced and perfect for any Powerlifter, Crossfitter of Functional athlete needing to develop their strength.
Tally this up with my Total Conditioning Program and you will have yourself some serious FUN!
There is no better feeling than being STRONG!

Customer Reviews

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Alan Briggs

The plan is really good and so is the conditioning one as well it’s hard but I’ll only get better

Chris Westhead

Such a good programme only 3 weeks in and loving it